Once upon a time, when I had my private office, I too would flirt and invite unsuspecting visitors to enjoy my book lined office. Hidden among the law reports were handcuffs and blindfolds. Beneath a book entitled bad acts and guilty minds would be a slik scarf. And on the desk, in all its phallic beauty a bottle of red or champers, depending on the occasion. Alas, we are now in a transparent fishbowl so such trysts, with all their sensual secrecy are no longer avialable to me. I would love teasing you and discovering what makes you wriggle in your chair, what makes you smile and wish for a gentle touch by by soft, sensual hands. What might make you want, one day, to wear a suit with a prim, pencil skirt, no panties, and invite me round, requiring that I conceal in my leather briefcase some entertainment for you. That you specify how you wish me dressed, and that you surrender to my lustful attentions once the door is shut.