First, we’d go out for a few drinks, you’d be wearing a skirt short enough for me to know you had no panties on, but long enough to keep you covered for most of the night. Until the drinks started flowing and you couldn’t help but hitch your skirt up to tease me with your pussy as the night went on. I wouldn’t be allowed to touch, but I’d certainly be allowed to look.

The night would continue with you teasing me this way until the night came to an end. We’d get a taxi home, you’d know that my cock had been rock hard for you all night. We’d be in the taxi and you’d sit with your skirt up enough to know the driver could see right up it

We’d be in the taxi and you’d sit with your skirt up enough to know the driver could see right up it. You’d open your legs wide, inviting me in. I’d run my hand over your legs, inching closer and closer to your wet pussy, I’d start to brush my fingertips over your pussy lips, enjoying your little moans of pleasure. Slowly, I’d open them up and slip my finger inside you, moving it back and forth gently. You’d slip a hand into your top and begin to massage your tits, pinching your hard nipples harder as i began to flick my thumb over your moist clit. All this knowing the driver can see everything and he can hardly concentrate on the road.

We’d pull up to your place, you’d be seconds away from cumming but I’d take you out of the taxi and pull you up to your front door, before you could get the key in I’d make you place both your hands against the door. I’d have your skirt pulled up around your waist, you can feel my hot breath on your ear as i slip my hand under your arse and back to your clit. You know I’m going to make you cum right there on the doorstep, you want it and i deliver, feeling you cum all over my hand.

I’d open the door for you and we’d fall inside, kissing I’d have my hands all over your tits as we made our way to the front room. once inside, I’d push you to the middle of the room and tell you to strip for me. You’d slowly take off your top and bra, revealing your gorgeous tits and hard nipples. Undo your skirt and let it drop to the floor. I’d look, and tell you to leave on your long boots.

I’d get up and walk over to you, dropping my head to take your hard nipple in my mouth, sucking gently, licking all around taking it into my mouth. First one, then the other before i started to kiss down your stomach until i reached your still wet pussy. I’d move you over to the couch and make you sit down and throw your legs over my shoulders before i started to run my tongue over the inside of your thighs, up to your pussy lips, parting them I’d slide my tongue inside you, licking out your wet little hole before moving my tongue up to your swollen clit, running my tongue over it, sucking gently, then a little harder and faster until I felt you begin to moan and buck beneath me, i’d feel the heels of your boots digging into my back as you screamed and came. I’d lick up all of your juices before leaving you on the couch.

You;d get down on your knees, open my belt and jeans and pull them down. Seeing my rock hard cock for the first time, you’d cup my balls and look up at me before running your tongue slowly over my cock from the base to the tip. Then you’d take it all in your mouth, gently moving your head back and forth over me, all the time looking up. I’d hold your head gently in my hands and start to fuck your mouth until i knew i was about to cum. But I’d want to do that somewhere else….

Throwing you down into a chair, I’d open your legs wide and start to run my cock over your clit before slipping it inside you, I’d start to fuck you gently, both of us watching my cock slip in and out of your pussy. Leaning down, I’d take your nipples in my mouth again, gently licking, gently fucking until I could take it no more. Holding each of your ankles in my hand, I’d ram my cock inside you, hard and fast, watching your tits bounce with each thrust would only turn me on more until i reached the point of no return and shot my cum deep inside you.

I’ll pull my cock out of you and tell you to lean forward and clean my cock with your tongue, you’d swallow the last drops off my cock, the rest of my cum in your pussy.