I love you on your personal stockings blog stockings diary. Are you one of those girls who wear dark coloured bras under thin and light coloured blouses pretending you have no idea what you are doing to those poor guys in the office! I can just picture you standing close to guys when talking about work stuff letting them breathe in your perfume while you let them take an eyeful of your chest. Watching them lose concentration as they momentarily drift into sexual fantasy mode! I can just picture you planning it out carefully and turn them on one by one…. and you get your kicks as they get excited and you can detect that sudden rush of blood to their groins. You can see the desire in their eyes, as they lick their lips, as they swallow the dryness in their throat, as they click their pen in frustration. As all that happens, the tingling starts in your tummy and it draws down to your thighs, as a guy gets quietly turned on by you, it triggers the butterflies deep in your thighs. No body knows how hot and clammy you are getting down in the pussy and as you keep a calm and cool exterior and carry on talking about work. With every encounter the pulse rate gets faster and with every subtle and suggestive move you sail as close as you can to the sail as the risky and risk turn you on more. The damp feeling is comforting and tingling… till it starts to spike and demand more of you. The hunger in your groins demands feeding… it wants the real thing by now as all those cat and mouse games has whet her appetite.

You go back to your own office and it is all quiet as you are on your own. You sit down and start doing some work on your commuter hoping that doing some actual work would stop you thinking about sex… the flashes of hot ad steamy encounters get too much, so you start concentrating on the work. Not long after you start working the IT guy turns up to do some maintenance. As he is checking cables around the office, your wicked mind takes over… you see him on his knees checking sockets on the floor. You look up and shout across asking him if he could check the sockets under your desk when he gets a moment… you point to the floor under your desk and open your legs wide at the same time to give him a flash of your thighs!

Bewildered, he carries on with his work trying to process what he had just seen… ten minutes later he comes over and asks you about the floor sockets and you tell him that sometimes you get no power from them and the network drops out. He bends down and dives under your desk… you pretend to be working and being in your own world, while you happen to have an itch at the top of your thigh. As you scratch, you make sure you pull your skirt back and forth to expose your thighs to him… you carry on working and then rest your right foot over your left knee allowing him to see all the way down past the top of your stockings getting an eyeful of your damp knickers.

There is silence in the office, but you can hear his breathing pattern getting faster as you move in your seat every now and then to give him a better view of your delicious delights all wrapped up in those tight knickers soaked in your sex juices.

As the guy is perplexed with excitement you spell it out for him… you fold your skirts up and opening your legs wide letting your sex perfume travel down his nose all the way down to his groins and grab his cock.. suddenly you feel a pair of trembling hands on your knees pushing them apart as he tries to see everything that there is to see right where those sexy thighs meet. The sight of the damp patch on your kickers set his mouth watering… he moves his head close muzzling your knickers feeling the dampness and heat through your wet pants. He rubs against the seam of your pants with his nose going up and down tracing the parting of your pussy lips. You can feel his hot breath as he pants and moves his head around. He grabs your pants and move it across exposing your pussy and letting his tongue tracing all the way from your pussy hole up to your throbbing clit, licking all the juice he could find. He grabs your lips and exposes the source of all those delicious juices… he darts his tongue in and out and buries it deep inside. Then he puts his finger in while he moves on to flick your clit up and down, side o side and in a circular motion while finger-fucking you. He slides his finger in and out letting i and rub against your G-spot.

As the tension builds up in your thighs and he finds the right rhythm you grab hold of his head and keeping it on the right spot making sure he does not stray. You push his head against your pussy rubbing his face in as the sweet pain builds up and you need that spot working up. His tongue works fast matching the tension and trembling in your thighs, finger-fucking you building up the excitement. You push your hip forward letting his fingers going as deep as possible inside your wet hole as your clit is throbbing and the sweet pain of orgasm is getting unbearable. His tongue flicking your clit fast matching the rhythm of his fingers going in and out of your pussy getting you hot… you push his head harder against your clit and hold it there as you feel the orgasm building up… you keep your lips tight together and cover your mouth to stop yourself from screaming as the overwhelming feeling sweets all over you. The waves of orgasm hit you as your hips jolt and with every flick of his tongue the it sends you back for another orgasm… you push his head away and cross your legs… you take a minute to catch your breath… you pull your skirt down over your thighs and stand up and walk away from your desk to the kitchen to get a much needed drink! See you at your stockings blog, stockings diary