Have fantasized several sex acts in the board room and office, such as receiving a blowjob when sitting at my partners desk conducting a meeting (a la Police Academy) or taking you from behind as I spreadeagled over the board room table. As for attire well smart business suit with stockings or holdups and definitely NO knickers.

I can just imagine coming into your office, you sitting at your desk in your skirt-suit, your white blouse open just a little too low, your hair tied back and wearing your glasses. As I come in you’d look up at me, stop your typing and push your chair back from your desk so I can see your long, stockinged legs and black patent high heels…
You uncross your legs, pull your hair loose, stand and walk over to me. You pull my hand towards you and run it slowly up your thigh. You can see me getting hard through my trousers. You slowly pull the zip down and slip your hand inside, feeling my rock hard cock. You stroke it gently as I unbutton your jacket and begin on your shirt. Underneath you’re wearing a red, lacy bra. I lean my head down to kiss your beautiful, full breasts while you pull my belt away, unbutton my trousers and let them fall to the ground. You drop to your knees in front of me and pull my cock out from my boxers. You let your tongue run all over it, from the root to the very tip before taking it all in your mouth and sucking slowly and gently.
After just a couple of minutes you get up and move back to sit on the edge of your desk. You slowly inch your skirt up your thighs until I can see the red lace of your knickers. You pull them aside and gently start to play with yourself, letting me watch as your fingers toy with your hot, wet lips, your clit and the delicious depths of your pussy. You beckon me over with a wet finger and have me lick your hands clean before I drop to my knees and let my tongue slide slowly up the insides of your thighs. You arch back in ecstasy, hitch your leg over my shoulder and pull my mouth deeper into you.

When you pull me to my feet you have taken your bra aside so I can tease your nipples with my tongue and teeth. I pull your red, lacy knickers away and slip my fingers inside you as you reach down and take my cock once more in your hand. See this full length movie at Send Your Secretary here