Red looks hot in whatever uniform she is wearing on her exclusive personal stockings, legs and heels website. But she looks the hottest when she is in the office on her desk dressed as a secretary and wearing stockings and high heels. Like in these exclusive pictures taken from Reds site.

“”Did you wear no panties?” I ask – you nod…”i need proof”, so whilst still kissing you, i reach down under your skirt, run my= fingers along your inner thigh until i reach your soaking hot pussy. I gently start to rub it up and down as we continue to kiss….getting you wetter and wetter…., my other hand up inside your top, inside your bra, squeezing a nipple.

I’d like to be under your desk while your doing your paperwork, and spend ages using my tongue starting by your feet, taking my time working my way up your lower legs then to your knees, then stroking your inner thigh, push your skirt back slightly and widen your legs, where i get to see you aren’t wearing knickers, your hand would come down and you would start rubbing yourself, and pushing your fingers into my mouth so i can taste your juices, when you cant take it anymore you’d move to the edge of the seat so i could bury my head between your stocking covered legs, i’d love your pussy juice all over my face before i stand up so you can take my hard cock into your mouth where you would suck me off until i cum over your face, you’d then bend over your desk so i could again pleasure your pussy, this time from behind where i could also play with your arse, until you cum for me.

After a little while, i take my fingers out and taste you…sweet….before turning you around, lying you down on the desk, lifting up your skirt, and burying my face in your pussy. Going to lick and suck you until you cum…you cannot leave the desk until my tongue and lips have made you orgasm on my face all the time, caressing your body.

Once you’ve cum, i turn you over, and once I’ve got protection on, slowly fuck you on the desk, pushing my cock in deep and hard, enjoying the feeling of your sodden, hot pussy on my cock, thrusting in and out, long and deep, reaching under you and rubbing your clit harder in rhythm with my thrusts, longer , deeper faster until i cum, ripping of the condom and cumming all over your face.”