This secretary is in stockings, if you want more sexy ladies and secretaries in stockings then check out stockings fetish blog. I receive the phone call wondering if it will be you waiting for me in reception, but trying not to let my dreams get ahead of me. After all, I’m expecting a few calls today, and just because you said you might come to visit today, “might” is a tenuous word. It is you, waiting for me. “I’ll be down in a second”, and with that I walk with what I hope is calm to the front desk. You are standing there, dressed in a long coat to offer you protection from this cold weather, but maybe (my mind racing away with more imaginings) also to protect your modesty from eyes other than mine. We perform the business ritual, shaking hands and catching one another’s glances in what we hope is a subtle manner. In truth the receptionist is curious. “Please follow me, I have coffee made. Elaine, no calls for now, thank you.” You follow me through the office, no one takes much care of my meeting guest. “After you”, and you step past, taking the seat behind my desk. The blinds have been closed all morning, in anticipation. I push the door closed behind me and delicately turn the lock. Silence. You stand up and remove your coat, casually hanging it over the back of the chair.

what I would actually like to do to you is sit you on my desk, part your legs, move your knickers to one side and sink my tongue into that gorgeous pussy of yours.  I imagine it is neatly trimmed and my tongue would glide around the edge, teasing your clit every now and then. Each time the pressure getting ever so slightly harder until finally my tongue is concentrating only on your clit. I lick away, tasting your gorgeous juices until I can resist no more. Sitting on my chair I pull you off the desk and your legs go either side of me as I lower you down onto my rock hard cock. Enjoy these secretary stockings pictures, remember for more stocking ladies visit stocking fetish blog here