I took these pictures and this post from Nylon Jane which is a great blog for real stocking lovers. I love stockings and pantyhose too – I would love you to wear some scanty sheer panties and sheer pantyhose, so that when I finally unzipped that tight skirt of yours your lush bush would be nearly plainly in view, and when I parted your thighs your moist pink lips would be covered soft hair and dewy drops…wouldn’t it feel good when I rolled down your pantyhose, eased down your panties, and parted those lips with my thumbs…wouldn’t my tongue feel good flicking your little pink bud until your hips thrust and your thighs clutch my head… and wouldn’t you love the sound of my zip being pulled down.

I was working late in my office, and was chatting to her online. We were flirting as usual and talking about fucking, when I asked her when she wanted to meet. “Now?” she replied. I laughed and explained that I was at work. “I know ;)” she replied, “where is your office”. Thinking she wasn’t serious, I told her where my office is at the university I work at. “Ok, I’m
on my way” she said and logged off.

I was quite surprised but sure she wasn’t serious, and so when my phone rang 20 minutes later I almost jumped out of my skin “Hi, it’s me, I’m outside your building, are you going to come down and let me in?”. “Uh, er, yeah, I’ll be right down”. Shit she’s really here! So, I jumped in the elevator and went to the door to let her in. When I opened the door, I couldn’t believe it. She was dressed really sexily, wearing a short skirt, high heels, and what I presumed and hoped were stockings. My cock was instantly hard. “Come in” I stammered. She walked in and kissed me full on the lips, sliding a hand over my cock through my trousers teasingly. “Take me to your office” she whispered in my ear. I led her to the elevator, and as we were going up to the floor where my office is, she told me exactly what she wanted me to do with her when we got there…. Hearing her talk like a slut was such a turn on.

When we got into my office, I took her over to my desk and bent her over it, pushed up her skirt to reveal her firm arse, and was pleased to see the slut wasn’t wearing any underwear and was indeed wearing holdups. I pushed her face down on the desk and knelt behind her, running my tongue up her thighs as I held her arse cheeks apart to reveal her shaven, wet pussy. I teased her for a while, licking her thighs until I slid my tongue over her pussy a few times before making her arch her back so I could lick her clit while fingering her. To see moreĀ Nylon Jane then Visit Nylon Jane