I was horny. I wanted to get laid.

I didn’t want a relationship. I wanted pussy.

Essex girls were meant to be pretty much up for it, so I advertised for a date in Southend On Sea on FUCK DATE

And I actually got a girl to agree to a date. She knew I just wanted to get laid and she seemed up for it.

Sarah. We were going to meet at the pier. Go for a walk together. 6:30, she would be coming straight from work. She was a secretary at a local legal firm. I was there early. She got there just a few minutes later.

Her hair was in a bob, with a fringe. She wore a smart white blouse beneath a suit. Jacket and knee length skirt. She had large framed glasses on. She was hot, I looked a her sensible-ish heels, her calves, wondering if they were tights or stockings. What I’d have to do to find out.

She caught me looking, I was embarrassed for a second, but then I remembered the sort of site we’d met on. She might look all serious, but she was a slut. We reached the end of the pier. It was a cold and blustery autumn evening No one else was on the pier. She turned to me, and we kissed. We weren’t out of sight, exactly, but we were too far for anyone to see in any detail.

I groped her arse. Her tits. I wondered how far I’d have to go before she stopped me. I leant to one side to get my hand good and low. too hold of her hem. I could only pull her skirt so far up before it tightened around her thighs. But she helped. Pulling up the other side.

And I got the answer to my earlier question. Stockings. I slid my hand to her cunt. Grabbed at it. Rubbing all four fingers at her, heel of my hand pressing her pubis. She pulled back from my kiss. Stared at me through the big lenses of her glasses.

She said I’d made her wet, and she expected me to clear up the mess.

I was delighted to hear that. I was shocked when she said she knew a hotel on the front. Did rooms by the hour.

But I followed. I paid, and we went upstairs. It was OK, Clean and functional. Not as bad as I’d feared. She immediately hiked her skirt. Threw her jacket to one side. I could see her nipples were hard. I groped at her tits and we kissed. Sank to my knees. She had satin panties. Black, lace trim. I kissed her through them. They were definitely damp, I ran my lips over her, feeling for her lips. I could ell she was shaven. Her hand was on m head. I twisted against it, hoping she would pull my face in. She did put a bit of pressure on the back of my head. Enough to let me know she wanted, expected, it. But she wasn’t going to come over all dominant and slap my face. Pity.

I tugged down at the side of her panties. She stopped my licking, and got them off. Sat on the bed, spread her legs wide. I sneakily pulled a cushion from a chair and got it under my knees. Then I kissed her, like I had kissed her on the pier, but down below, darting my tongue in and out. She tasted good. I licked all around her slit. She was opening up. I sucked her in, flicking my tongue rapidly at the fold of skin in my mouth.

I licked and licked again. She was starting to grind her hips against me. One of her feet rested heel on my shoulder, toes stroking at my back, the feel of her stockings was something else.

I made my tongue broad and flat rubbed against her. Her lips were wide spread now. I knew she would feel delicious on m cock. I kissed up, pulled her blouse apart. At least one button tore off. Her bra matched her panties. Black satin I pulled a strap down, sucked her nipple, and the other worked my way further up. I felt my cock touch her skin. I wanted her so bad. She said no. Pushed my head down. Said she wanted to cum from my mouth.

I got back to my knees, and sucked on her pussy. Hard, sucked it like there was no tomorrow. She was bucking her hips now. Fucking my face her pants were accompanied by high pitched moans. She screamed as she came.

I sat back. Face smeared in pussy. She looked at me, she was taking her blouse off now.

She looked stern. Like a teacher, for a moment. Said her tits needed attention. I went straight to it. sucked each in turn, from left to right to left to right again and again. Mouth on one nipple,. fingers and thumb working the other.

She was rubbing her soaking pussy against me. I could feel how wet it was. I wanted to taste her again. Down I went. She pushed me onto my back, Straddled my face. Her lips were relaxed and loose now. I sucked a pile of flesh in tonguing it her movement becoming more and more intense. I could ell her teeth were clenched as she grunted her pleasure. Thrusting her pussy into my face, she came loud and hard. We collapsed, sweating.

A knock on the door. ‘Hour up’ was the shout. We were out of time. I was so horny and hard. Face soaked in pussy.

Sorry she said, pulling on her blouse. And promised to suck me next time……..

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